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Which vessels should be registered?

  • Commercial vessels

  • Commercial vessels sailing overseas or employed in international cabotage.

    The French law of 3 May 2005 regarding the creation of the French International Register specifies that the following are excluded from making use of the RIF:

    - Passenger ships sailing scheduled intra-community lines or, in accordance with a list fixed by decree, scheduled international lines. The list provided in the fifth paragraph of article 2 of the law of 3 May 2005 stated above is made up of scheduled international lines of maritime passenger transportation between a Member State of the European Union and Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia.

    - Vessels exclusively used in national cabotage,

    - Port assistance vessels, in particular those assigned to towing at the port, maintenance dredging, boatage, piloting and buoyage.
  • Commercial yachts

  • - vessels that are for exclusively commercial activities (commercial yachts),

    - that are more than 15 metres overall length,

    - that carry out international cabotage or overseas shipments,

    - that have a crew made up of at least 25% EU citizen,

    - that comply with the technical regulations applicable to commercial yachts.