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What is the French International Register?

The French Flag RIF is the French registry for commercial vessels and commercial yachts.

Within the framework of harmonising community policies, reinforcing maritime safety and security, developing competitiveness of shipping companies and maritime employment, a register for overseas commercial vessels, international cabotage and commercial yachts more than 15 metres l overall length, the law of 3 May 2005 was created (consolidated text).

Commercial vessels under the French Flag are in the "white list" of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding, thereby confirming the quality of French vessels regarding compliance with international safety standards.

Beyond tax benefits and comprehensive social protection, the French Flag is the modern symbol of France’s commitment to respect for the concept of a "substantial link" between the vessel and the State as proclaimed by the Montego Bay Convention.

Using the Guichet Unique andwith a team involved in developing the fleet, the French Flag offers a registration process which is attractive for commercial vessels and commercial yachts.