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The benefits of the French Flag RIF

  • a EU register;

  • a register that offers all the guarantees related to the safety and security of vessels;

  • quick and simple administrative procedures: one single contact within the French Flag RIF’s Guichet Unique for all your procedures related to customs or maritime affairs, also ensuring support for shipping companies in their other relations with the French government authorities, reduced mortgage fees, formalities that are free of charge (the shipping company just pays the inspectors’ overseas travel costs);

  • no fee for registration of maritime mortgages;

  • tax measures or exemptions:
    • exemption from VAT and customs duties on the vessel upon import, the goods for victualling and domestic tax, on petroleum products, on deliveries of goods aimed for incorporation into the vessel and on maintenance, conversion, repair, chartering and hiring operations;
    • exemption from the annual registration under the French Flag and sailing fee;
    • for crews resident in France: employer contributions reduced to 11.6% (instead of 35.6%) under the sailor social protection system - ENIM;
    • for crews resident abroad: social security of the country of residence country in accordance with community regulations;
  • benefits for the crew:
    • full exemption from income tax for sailors fiscally resident in France and who are at sea for more than 183 days out of twelve consecutive months;
    • validation of services with the sailors’ social system covering risks of illness, occupational accidents and retirement contributions;
    • validation of sailing time in order to obtain or maintain STCW certificates;
  • one requirement: a crew made up of 25% of Community nationals.